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8 Successful Strategies to creating sustainable healthy living lifestyle habits for transformation and weight loss


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Reset. Recharge. Restore.

Dr. Vicki Haywood Doe will be teaching

Get Back To Healthy Living!

Day 1- Successful Strategies to get back to healthy living

Day 2- Are you addicted to Sugar, Salt or Fat?

Day 3- Restore and Recharge with a positive mindset and gratitude

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What you'll learn

  • How to practice mindfulness for self-control and stress relief
  • Why you need to create an environment for healthy living to promote behavior change
  • How to develop a positive mindset and get rid of negative self-talk; it's blocking your success
  • Why you need to create a healthy living PLAN, a healthy living VISION board for Action!
  • How to overcome food addiction- (sugar, salt, fat); take the food addiction quiz
  • Why REMOVE, REPLACE, REFINE is a successful way to create sustainable lifestyle habits
  • And a special bonus! More details about that will be shared on the webinar, so make sure you enroll now!

AND much more!

Your Instructor

Vicki Haywood Doe PhD, ACSM-EP-C, MES
Vicki Haywood Doe PhD, ACSM-EP-C, MES

"I love being in the health wellness practice. It's rewarding to know that I am able to help and encourage so many to commit to being proactive and to do all that they can to live a healthy lifestyle. When we do, we reap the positive and healthy benefits but also we can have quality of life."


Dr. Vicki Haywood Doe earned her doctorate degree in Exercise Physiology from Kent State University and is a certified Exercise Physiologist by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM-EP-C); a medical exercise specialist (MES), and nutrition educator.

Dr. Doe has spent many years teaching, promoting, and motivating individuals and the community at large of the importance of exercise and nutrition and living a lifestyle of health and wellness. She is the President/Health Fitness Director of her health wellness consulting company- Haywood Doe Consulting Co, LLC; DBA: Vicki Doe Fitness that specializes in designing, implementing lifestyle interventions, medical exercise services, health promotion, lifestyle education for special populations ( i.e. older adults, children, overweight/obese or high-risk individuals with chronic diseases) for on-site and online health fitness programs including businesses, churches, schools, and organizations etc.

During her academic career, Dr. Vicki Haywood Doe has taught as adjunct professor classes within both the Exercise Science and Dance depts. at Kent State University, Kent, OH. Vicki enjoys the arts, dancing, yoga, meditation, healthy cooking, and traveling the world.

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