Step-By-Step Weight Loss Bootcamp Masterclass 2.0

The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: 12 weeks to a Stronger, Healthier You

Transform Your Body, Transform Your Life

12 weeks to a Healthier You!

Vicki Doe Fitness



Stop relying on WILLPOWER and MOTIVATION alone!

It's depleting your energy and only leaving you mentally drained.

Research studies show that trying to resist the many unhealthy living temptations using willpower is mentally draining.

When you are mentally drained you will not be able to make progress, in other words, you will not be successful!

However, if you spend your time and energy learning sustainable new healthy habits; the habits will give you self-control and attainability for your weight loss goals.

Vicki Doe Fitness-Step by Step Weight Loss Bootcamp Masterclass 2.0 (updated) Online comprehensive weight and wellness coaching program will train and teach you how to develop sustainable new healthy living habits.

The proven cue-action-reward method is incorporated into this awesome program. Our goal is to stop the mental drain and give you the strength to follow through on your health and fitness goals.

Research has shown that developing sustainable healthy living lifestyle habits gives you long-lasting results toward being a healthier you.

This will give you...


Step by step to a better you!


Program Information

Are you sick and tired of feeling exhausted, burned out, and unhealthy?

Have you been given the ultimatum from your doctor to "lose weight or else" but you have tried countless weight loss programs without success?

Maybe you've had good results at first but then after a few months, you are back to "regular"- old unhealthy habits and in more worst shape than when you started.

Vicki Doe Fitness-Step by Step Weight Loss Bootcamp Masterclass 2.0 (updated) Online comprehensive weight and wellness coaching program was designed with you in mind. This program is delivered to you 100% online and has all of the support and accountability that you need.

If you are desperate to get back on track but need help and encouragement with each step, struggle, or journey along the way, this program is for you!

Here is what is included in this program

  • You work at your own pace- we provide the instruction and guidance as you determine your goals, your pace, the support you need, and the tools that will work best for your healthy living journey
  • Includes the successful components of a comprehensive weight-loss program-health education, intensity exercise training, nutrition healthy eating, lifestyle habit change/mindset, social support, and coaching for accountability

  • Health education- there are 8 interactive modules with video learning lessons and recordings of detailed guidance with instructor Dr. Vicki Haywood Doe and guest instructor Isaac Floyd, MS.
  • Intensity exercise training- there is behavior tracking tools to help you get moving; you have access to our Vicki Doe Fitness-online health fitness coaching/app with scheduled daily/weekly exercise programming.
  • Nutrition Healthy eating- there are behavior-tracking tools to help you with nutrition and healthy eating to determine what is best suited for you. There are eating sample plans/ menus and recipes for you to choose from.
  • Lifestyle Habit change/mindset- there are life skills taught to help you manage a healthy weight. You are given guidance on how to change your lifestyle habits and mindset.
  • Social Support- you will have ongoing support from other group members; you will gain access to our private Healthy Living community to discuss coursework and give each other suggestions, encouragement, or ideas.
  • LIVE coaching meetups with Dr. Vicki Haywood Doe- there are weekly coaching meetups to help with accountability which give an opportunity to discuss topics more thoroughly or ask questions. There are scheduled cooking and exercise demos, and other guest health professionals to talk and discuss healthy living principles as well!! Most importantly, the coaching meetups give you guidance to help with sustainable change in mindset and behaviors.
  • Clear action items set up for you to succeed- we will help with teachable skills that will help you to develop new confidence and self-efficacy to be motivated to change.
  • Bonuses to keep you on track include downloadable cheat sheets, worksheets, reports, and daily journaling.

You can expect holistic, realistic, and sustainable weight loss!!!

This empowering weight loss program was designed with you in mind by our team of health fitness experts which include allied health professionals, nutrition educators, exercise physiologists, registered licensed dietitians, and our medical consultant.

Sign-up NOW for this comprehensive weight and wellness program!

Transformation. Get Fit, Get Strong, Get Results.


You will learn simple easy and sustainable habits to become a better and healthier you.

You will receive and participate in evidence-based practices that will yield healthy lifestyle habits and behaviors. But most importantly, you will receive support and encouragement to embrace a life of total well-being.

Vicki Doe Fitness- Step by Step Weight Loss Bootcamp Masterclass 2.0 is an Online comprehensive weight and wellness coaching program that offers a sustainable holistic approach to healthy lifestyle change. It is delivered 100% online and you can easily show up and participate without any hassles!

Join today! Start NOW! So that you can:

  • Start living a healthy and fit life TODAY
  • Change the narrative of your life- You are stronger, fit, and content
  • Embrace total well-being and wholesomeness
  • Get into the best shape of your life- even as you age
  • Stop depending on WILLPOWER
  • Develop lifelong healthy habits- that are automatic and easy to do
  • Challenge tough situations with mindfulness
  • Fit into those pants or sexy dresses; You can start seeing results quickly
  • Feel good about yourself- have self-confidence
  • Control and reduce chronic pain, symptoms, and illnesses- feel healthy again!
  • Grab on to the quality of life- start living with hope and self-efficacy!

Finally, have LIFE. HAPPINESS. and FREEDOM.


Here's The Timing of the Program

Enrollment for this first session-2024 is CLOSED

Our next open enrollment week will be announced- TBA- 2024.

Join the Waitlist email below...

The LIVE Coaching weekly meetups are scheduled within 12-week sessions throughout the year. As a member, you will be notified of the schedule for the LIVE- Coaching meetups with Dr. Vicki Haywood Doe.

Once all of the program's content, materials, and educational modules are released to you weekly within a 12-week period, you will have access to all of the materials and the Vicki Doe Fitness health fitness coaching app inside the membership portal.

  • You can download the Vicki Doe Fitness health fitness coaching app on any Apple or Android device.
  • You can revisit and train as often as you like. It's self-paced so that you can go at your own pace.
  • As long as you are a paid member, you can participate in our Vicki Doe Fitness- Step by Step Weight Loss Bootcamp Masterclass 2.0 program endlessly. You can have continued access to the program even after the scheduled 12- weeks as long as you continue as a paid member. This will give you time to establish your new habits and routine without feeling rushed!
  • You will only need to keep up to date with the scheduled LIVE Coaching online meetups!
  • You can stay with us and be committed to this weight and wellness coaching program for as long as you need. Research shows that you get longer-lasting results and transformation when you commit to a weight loss training/coaching program for at least 3-6 months. However long you commit to this program, we welcome you.

  • You will get what we call "compound interest" results!
  • We have made it EASY to stay connected with us regardless of how long you decide to stay and participate.
  • We give away bonuses, prizes, certificates, and lots of love as you complete and participate in this transformational program.

  • Just get started and be consistent. We know you can!

COMMIT and Join Today.

What are you waiting for...


Course Curriculum

Your Instructor

Vicki Haywood Doe PhD, ACSM-EP
Vicki Haywood Doe PhD, ACSM-EP

"I love being in the health wellness practice. It's rewarding to know that I am able to help and encourage so many to commit to being proactive and into doing all that they can to live a healthy lifestyle. When we do, we reap positive and healthy benefits but also we can have the quality of life."


Dr. Vicki Haywood Doe earned her doctorate degree in Exercise Physiology from Kent State University and is a Certified Exercise Physiologist by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM-EP) and nutrition educator.

Dr. Doe has spent many years teaching, promoting, and motivating individuals and the community at large about the importance of exercise and nutrition and living a lifestyle of health and wellness. She is the President/Health Fitness Director of her health wellness consulting company- Haywood Doe Consulting Co, LLC; DBA: Vicki Doe Fitness which specializes in designing, implementing lifestyle interventions, medical exercise services, health promotion, lifestyle education for special populations ( i.e. overweight/obese or high-risk individuals with chronic diseases) for on-site and online health fitness programs including businesses, churches, schools, and organizations, etc.

During her academic career, Dr. Vicki Haywood Doe taught classes within both the Exercise Science and Dance depts. at Kent State University, Kent, OH. Vicki enjoys the arts, dancing, yoga, meditation, healthy cooking, and traveling the world.

What to expect

If you commit and stay consistent...

We will help you get into the best shape of your life with sustainable healthy living habits

  • A body mind and spirit that you always wanted
  • New sustainable healthy lifestyle behavior change
  • Small consistent healthy living practices-HUGE results
  • Backed by evidence-based science. Proven with real people.
  • Knowledge on truly living-"total well-being"
  • Guidance and support from a world-class coach
  • Nutrition and fitness habits that fit into your everyday life
  • Access to the Vicki Doe Fitness online health fitness coaching app
  • More energy, productivity, and clarity
  • The BEST affordable price ever
  • Strength and support from other folks in the Step by Step private community

Life. Happiness. Freedom!


Frequently Asked Questions

When does this weight loss program start and finish?
Although the boot-camp masterclass program materials and content are released over a period of 12 weeks, and there are scheduled LIVE Coaching appointments within 12-week sessions; participation in the program is entirely up to you! It is a completely self-paced health and wellness online program. You decide when you start and when you finish. Once all content and materials have been released, you will have unlimited access to the entire training program. You can revisit and review the material as often as you like, as long as you are a PAID member. You will have continued access to the program even after the 12 weeks as long as you pay your monthly membership fee. You can unsubscribe at any time.
How long do I have access to this program?
After enrolling, you will have unlimited access to this 12-week program which includes the course training materials and the fitness coaching app, the LIVE coaching meetups, and all of the bonuses and tools. You can have continued access as long as you pay the monthly membership fee. You can unsubscribe at any time.
What if I am unhappy with this program?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you're unhappy for any reason no worries. There's a 14-day no questions asked policy! Just send us an email at [email protected] with your request. We will refund your money back! No questions asked. REMEMBER, you can unsubscribe at any time.
How often will the LIVE Coaching with Dr. Vicki Haywood Doe meet up?
There are scheduled coaching meetups. You will be invited to meet LIVE with Dr. Vicki Haywood Doe at least once a week. As a member, you will receive special invitations to other events that are held by Dr. Vicki Haywood Doe and the Vicki Doe Fitness health experts.
What if I have tech problems?
If you have technical issues or are simply having a challenge you need help with, write [email protected] and we'll take care of you as quickly as we can.
Will my insurance premium cover the cost for this weight loss program?
Many insurance companies offer excellent-health wellness incentives for their clients. You may very well be able to receive insurance discounts on premium, payment for a percentage of the enrollment fee on the services offered, or even reimbursement of payment for our health wellness coaching, healthy living wellness, and/or weight loss programs. Contact your insurance company to follow their requirements. We will help you in any way that we can!
Who is this program for?
This program was designed specifically for; Those who are overweight or obese or high-risk individuals with chronic diseases; Workplace employees that need a workplace health wellness program (i.e. virtual corporate wellness); or anyone that is ready to start living a healthy lifestyle!
Can this program be used as a virtual corporate wellness program?
Yes. A corporate wellness program is an organized employer-sponsored program that is designed to support employees as they adopt and sustain healthy lifestyle behaviors. These healthy behaviors can reduce health risks, improve quality of life, enhance productivity, and benefit an organization's bottom line. This program does just that! Please contact us at [email protected] and book an appointment so that we can make this happen for your organization.

Vicki Doe Fitness

Step-by-Step Weight Loss Bootcamp Masterclass 2.0

The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge

12 weeks to a Stronger Healthier You!


Commit to a healthy lifestyle and be a winner!


Here are the awesome features you are getting with this online comprehensive weight and wellness coaching program

  • Self-paced comprehensive weight loss program
  • Access to our online health fitness coaching app
  • Evidence-based science nutrition and exercise plans
  • Healthy lifestyle habit change and mindset coaching
  • Social support with our private Facebook group
  • Access to Dr. Vicki Haywood Doe and team in real-time


Enroll NOW

Get these additional Tools and Resources!

  • Virtual exercise and cooking workshops/demo
  • Powerpoint slides, self-study guides, quizzes, and homework assignments
  • Most of all, full access to Vicki Doe Fitness- a health fitness coaching app that features exercise training and more.

What are you waiting for?

You would be maximizing your dollars!

Typically, if you want top-rated nutrition coaching or exercise training with credentialed health fitness professionals you would spend easily approximately $300 dollars or more per month for EITHER the nutrition coaching OR the exercise training.

If you wanted both and other services such as 1:1 private health wellness coaching you would pay... Well, you do the math!...($700 dollars or more per month)

This comprehensive weight and wellness program offers nutrition coaching, exercise training, health education, LIVE health wellness coaching, and much much more for an affordable monthly fee.

But most importantly, this weight and wellness program offers a new you, a more energetic you, a more proactive you, and you more in control of your health outcomes through a healthier lifestyle!

Nowadays, you can participate in healthy living right in the convenience of your home and within the palm of your hand! You can take this program and participate anywhere!

Transformation. Get Fit, Get Strong, Get Results.

Let's GO!


Vicki Doe Fitness- Health Fitness Coaching app


Exercise Training

Fitness assessments

Tracking ability

Exercise video demos

Nutrition coaching

Delicious recipes

Habit coaching

AND much much more!

You are getting this BONUS with this weight and wellness program!



We are here to help you get back to a life of health and healing.

Step by Step to a better you!



"I'm grateful to Step by Step bootcamp masterclass. It has helped me successfully lose 30 lbs. I finally got serious"- Ms. Francis

"This program has saved my life...I'm not obsessing over how much I weigh anymore... I'm LIVING and keeping the weight off"-Lacretia Powell

"So glad this bootcamp masterclass is offered online. It gives others the benefit I received from doing it"-Ronald C

" As a senior, I found this program to be simple and easy to follow. I LOVE it!"- Bro. Bill

"The Vicki Doe Fitness-fitness coaching app is AWESOME.. I even use it at my favorite gym"- S. Miller

"I've learned so much....and I'm getting results, not just weight loss but I feel much happier with my life"- Tonya B.

"I like the weekly coaching sessions with Dr. V... I learn a lot, Thank you so much"-Sarah Scott


Ms. Yvonne's Story...

"I got results! in three months"

"I decided to make a full commitment to change my life. The Vicki Doe Fitness- Step by Step Weight Loss Bootcamp and the Healthy Living 1:1 private health wellness coaching program gave me the extra "push" and motivation to design my own healthy living plan of action. I got results! In three months, I lost 30 lbs. My health numbers have improved tremendously. I'm grateful and I'm a Step by Step member for life!! Thank you, Dr. Vicki Doe"...Ms. Yvonne

Other Stories...

One of the many reasons that our clients are successful with this plan is that they commit and they "stick to the plan"

  • Tina lost 30 pounds and improved her overall fitness level, which led to increased energy and confidence.
  • John saw a significant reduction in his cholesterol levels and blood pressure after completing the program, which helped him avoid needing medication for those conditions.

We have many other success stories from clients who have achieved their own unique goals through our program.

Join this program and achieve your health and fitness goals.

These are real folks, just like you.

They knew they had to make a positive sustainable lifestyle change in their lives—just like you do.

Our Vicki Doe Fitness-Step by Step Weight Loss Bootcamp Masterclass coaching program helped them start the steps toward a healthy life of health and well-being.

Let this program help you, too.

Create a healthy living plan and be a winner!

"Motivation gets you started. Habits keep you going"

What are your habits today?

Research has shown that more than 50% of our daily lives are made up of habitual activity. In other words, these activities have become automatic behaviors.

Sustainable behavior change happens with small wins.

Practice and consistency build habits. Create and design new ways of thinking and form new and better habits. It is the things that we do consistently every day that make us successful in the long run. We call that COMPOUND INTEREST!

Learn and practice our Lifestyle Change 3R Method-


Healthy Habits. Healthy Living

Start TODAY!


Who is this comprehensive weight and wellness coaching program for?

Step by Step Weight Loss Bootcamp Masterclass 2.0 is designed for people looking for a holistic approach to weight loss and healthy living.

This coaching program was designed specifically for folks who are overweight or obese and high-risk individuals with chronic diseases. Workplace employees that need a workplace health wellness program -(group participation encouraged); folks who need to lose weight and practice healthy living.

Anyone who is ready to start living a healthy lifestyle!

You're looking to lead a more fulfilling life by being healthier and/or losing weight. You want to stop making excuses and finally achieve the things that you want and that have inspired you. You are ready to define your goals and develop a mindset that will drive you to make choices that lead to the positive health results you most desire.

We are excited to help you create a healthy living plan of action so that you can develop sustainable healthy lifestyle habits.


You owe this to yourself

Answer these questions honestly

  • What if just one sustainable healthy eating habit in the Step by Step program helps transform your life?

Now you have control; you are not grazing after work in the evening!

  • What if one strategy in the Step by Step program helps you overcome your sugar addiction?

You REMOVE added sugar and REPLACE with nutrient-dense fruits and veggies. You feel more energetic

  • What if you let go and decide no matter what you will take 15 mins. a day to practice mindfulness and meditate?

You relax your mind and spirit!

  • What if you become free of guilt, shamefulness, and frustration?

You become willing to do what it takes to take back your life and start LIVING!

  • What would those lifestyle changes realistically be worth to you?

$10,000...$50,000... or PRICELESS over a lifetime?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Stop making excuses. Break free of those

dreadful bad habits. The time is now!

Start living the life that you have always wanted. A healthy and fulfilling life!

Be a Winner. ENROLL TODAY!

This course is closed for enrollment.


Disclaimer: This program is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any illness or disease.

The information provided in this program is for general educational purposes and is not intended to take the place of medical advice from your physician or medical healthcare provider, licensed dietitian, or nutritionist.

You are solely responsible for your health care and activity choices. Please act responsibly.